New Year's Day

Wednesday, January 1 2014

Like many of the Eastern countries, Brunei also joins the Western world in the widest celebrated holiday on earth. Besides commemorating the Chinese New Year, they also light up the fireworks and mark the beginning of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar.

Maulidur Rasul

Tuesday, January 14 2014

Brunei celebrates the Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad. Even though Muhammad himself did not desire such elevation, with the prophet and his companions not doing anything special at the occasion of his birthday, people still mark it and celebrate it.

Chinese New Year

Friday, January 31 2014

As a part of the Eastern world, Brunei also includes the Chinese New Year in its Brunei calendar 2014. They take part in the fifteen day long celebrations, which share a great resemblance with the Western customs. People tend to leave everything bad from the past behind them, and set new hopes for the upcoming year.

National Day

Sunday, February 23 2014

On this day of the Brunei calendar 2014, known among the locals as Brunei Darusalam, people annualy celebrate the annivesary of Brunei’s independence. These celebrations have taken place around the whole country since 23rd of February in 1984, which is the first day of Brunei as a politically independent country.

Israk Mikraj, Night Of Ascension

Tuesday, May 27 2014

The Night of Ascension, or as it is known in Brunei – Israk Mikraj, is the reason for marvelous celebrations, which are done in the name of the prophet Muhammad. The direct translation of its name is “The Night Journey” and marks the anniversary of his miraculous ascension to the heavens.

Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day

Saturday, May 31 2014

Brunei is celebrating this holiday in honor of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, which was created in 1961, still while the country was under British protectorate. People from the same military force, were the ones who contributed torward Brunei’s transition into complete political independence and the whole nation honors that.

Start of Ramadan

Sunday, June 29 2014

Start Of Ramadan

Having their own calendar connected to the lunar cycles, at July 9 of Brunei’s Calendar for 2014 the Muslims celebrate the start of the most important day of the year in their faith.

Nuzul Al-Quraan

Tuesday, July 15 2014

This is the month in which the Quran was believed to be revealed.

Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam

Tuesday, July 15 2014

His Majesty The Sultan’s Birthday

Being perhaps one of the most widely celebrated birthdays on earth, these celebrations are a definite must for someone who wants to feel Brunei to its fullest. Activities and festivals are held throughout the whole country, and the ceremony that begins with a mass prayer and a public appearance of His Majesty The Sultan, makes it a happening of great proportions.

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Friday, July 28-29 2014

End Of Ramadan

Everything comes to an end, and on July the 28th 2014, this also happens to the most important month in the Muslim calendar. The Muslim calendar is about two weeks shorter than the one that the Western world uses and that is the reason why the start of Ramadan and its end aren’t exactly one month apart.

Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Monday, October 5-6 2014

Feast Of Sacrifice

The Feast of Sacrifice, or as the Brunei call it – Hari Raya Aidil Adha is an international Muslim celebration, held in honor of Abraham, who was asked by god to sacrifice his only son – Ishmael, as an act of obedience. Abraham decided to do that, however God did not allow this to happen, and let him sacrifice a goat instead. Because of this, Muslims from all around the world gather and celebrate the Feast Of Sacrifice, also known as Festival Of Sacrifice.


Saturday, October 25 2014

Islamic New Year

If you happen to spend one year in Brunei, or at least four months, if they happen to be the correct ones, you will get the opportunity to celebrate three new years. In the Brunei Calendar for 2014, after the Western one, according to the Gregorian Calendar, the Chinese one, you will also be a part of the commemoration of the Islamic New Year.

Christmas Day

Wednesday, 25 December 2014

Even though the majority of Brunei’s population is Islamic, they honor the Christian faith by celebrating and making Christmas, a National Holiday. This gives you the opportunity to exchange gifts and have the Christmas feeling, while being in the astonishing environment of Brunei.



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