• Amanha Spa
  • Amanha Spa is a male only spa. It's an oasis set away from the demands of today’s busy lifestyle. It balances the importance of relaxing with the growing need for a healthy environment. It is a place to remove yourself from the daily stress that effects us all, as well as gaining relief from the aches and pains of a tired body, and from the anxieties of an overworked mind, through the proven medicinal and therapeutic benefits of massage and spa treatments.
 Massage is not a luxury, but an essential treatment in a modern lifestyle. With the constant need to slow down, relax, de-stress, and to pamper oneself, a good massage is like a short vacation away from the pressures of life.
 Amanha Spa has a unique position within Brunei. Not only does it have the largest heated Jacuzzi in the country, but being located on level 2 of the Orchid Garden Hotel our members and guests can access a full range of services that are available within this international standard hotel.
 Access to Amanha Spa is based on membership, although it is open to the public and hotel guests. For a one-off joining fee of $100 and an annual membership fee of $388 (no monthly fees apply), members receive up to 40% discount off the list price of all treatments.

  • 24 hour Gym (Amanha Spa Gym)
  • We promote health and wellness. Our Gym has all the equipments needed to keep you fit during your stay with us. Equipments include treadmills, cable weights machines, free weights, and more. Located on the second floor, the gym can be accessed by in house guests 24 hours a day with your room key card, through its separate entrance.  The gym also has a separate changing room and shower area.